Dos Cincuenta y Nueve Films is a film producer specializing in viral marketing, advertising, and branded content. It was established on January 5th, 2010 with the objective of producing  films and online commercials.

We have been working for five successful years creating new services and new objectives which have been well received by our customers and a significant portion of the media.

Throughout these five years, we have successfully offered advertising services and brand content to companies, individuals, and institutions. We have been discovering new ways of communicating effectively and making them available to our customers. For example, online branded content or viral advertising is a technique that has helped our videos reach more than 10 million viewers in social networks and has moved on to new media and television.

By taking the initiative soyamante.org (imalover.org), we become our own customers in order to launch a positive and hopeful message to our society about love. We would like to invite every young person around the world to become “true lovers” and at the same time we can show that it is possible to include good and positive content in viral videos.


The Initiative

Soyamante.org (imalover.org) was an initiative established on February 2014 to make young people aware of the importance of focusing their relationships on a more genuine love.

Many young people consider love to be only a feeling, but the truth is that love goes far beyond sentimentality; love also involves care and effort. Love assumes freedom and, therefore, willpower is also required for love to be successful.

The objective of Soyamante.org (imalover.org) is to redefine love, which is basic to many relationships today, and to promote a more real and appealing alternative for all those young people who are or might be in a relationship. 

We want to emphasize that love also means to have willpower, to make an effort to care for the needs of the person you love and that love without willingness isn’t real love.

Therefore, soyamante.org (imalover.org) wants to encourage young people to become real lovers because true lovers are only those who love.